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Bowman Digital Media

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Brightvue Digital Web Design

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Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur – Quibus Trainings

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Direct Allied Agency


DLA Ignite


HeyTony Advertising


Look First Marketing

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Seo Gliders

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SPN is made for and by social media marketing professionals. Mike O’Connor, creator of SPN, got into digital marketing due to the need to learn how it works. There is also a need for any business owner to learn a little about how Google works. If you don’t know the basics to online marketing, you’re going to spend more money and get less returns than you should.

Many social media marketing (SMM) services aren’t what the seem to be. Therefore, we consider it our mission to help you find the best SMM services to fit your needs and budget. Learn by reading blogs, like the ones below, and watching videos on the basics of website design, SEO, and social media marketing. Teach yourself the basics so you know what services actually sound good.

Don’t miss red flags when it comes to social media marketing

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Most of us have heard that saying before. It’s very true when it comes to social media marketing and training courses or services. There are a lot of self-proclaimed experts to watch out for. That is part of the reason why we want people leave business reviews on any social media marketing services they use. We also want reviews on LinkedIn coaches to help keep people accountable.

Watch out for these SMM red flags:

  •  One trick ponies- Some people claim to be social media marketing experts due to having a large network on one platform. Social media marketing experts should have a large following on different platforms and pages.
  • Fake Followers- Social media marketing experts don’t buy fake followers for several reasons. You can spot people with fake followers fairly easy, if you look at their engagement. Engagement will tell you a lot about someone’s SMM expertise.
  • Over promising- Social media marketing experts don’t make grand claims about driving traffic to your website or generating leads for your business for several reasons. Most marketing experts know it’s hard work to build a brand. They also know make grand promises of success often sets unrealistic expectations. You should expect results any time you spend money on marketing, but you remember the saying about truth up above.

Learn by watching social media marketing experts

There are a lot of people that make a living through social media marketing, blogging, and SEO here on SPN. Learn by watching these experts do what they do here and elsewhere. All of the original SPN members met through social media marketing marketing and networking. The original members also agreed to follow the golden rule and help others rise, so they’re really good people to follow.

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