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Landscapers are a little different than typical lawn maintenance crews or groundskeepers. A landscaper creates new landscapes by planting and installing things like ponds, berms, and other features that change the way a yard looks. 

Hiring a landscaper near you comes with several advantages:

  • You can check local business reviews.
  • They tend to be cheaper than landscapers that have to travel far.
  • Their familiar with your neighborhood, so they know common issues like local pests or soil requirements.
  • They are familiar with your neighborhood so they can help your yard stand out from the pack.
  • You can help them get more business in their area so pricing might be more flexible.

Before you hire a landscaping company, make sure to come to a clear understanding of the quality of work they do. Check out local landscapes they have done. You may just want a Yard Cleanup or lawn maintenance company. Therefore, you should really consider specialties before making a hire.

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