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Kitchen Hood Cleaners

Most kitchen hood cleaning services will help both residential and commercial clients. However, restaurants tend to be a majority of the work in the industry due to the amount of cooking they do. Restaurants have a constant exposure to cooking vapors, smoke, grease residue, and much more that can leave a layer of grime in exhaust systems. Restaurants need kitchen hood cleaners from time to time so they don’t fail local inspections. 

Many insurance companies will often insist on regular kitchen hood cleaning so they can insure the business. Fire marshals also require regular kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services so the public isn’t at greater risk. 

Most restaurant owners also that cleaning the hoods will keep it functioning properly. These exhaust systems have fans in the hood part that pulls the steam and smoke out of the kitchen and away from the dining area. A restaurant will shut down really quickly if these hood fans aren’t working properly. Grease and other things causing buildup will lead these fans to fail much faster. These systems are cheap so it pays to take care of them.

Cleaning the kitchen hood systems is not an easy job. These professional cleaning systems don’t just show up with some soap and water. They show up with the right equipment and cleaning solutions to get the job done right in a hurry.

These cleaning companies are also are trained for fire awareness and removing hazardous materials. They are also usually up to date with local health inspection guidelines. Therefore, you should be able to keep your kitchen clean and open for business with a lot less hassle. 

FAQ for kitchen hood cleaning

How much does commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning cost?

Restaurants can expect to pay between $350 to $700 for professional kitchen hood cleaning. Cleaning these kitchen exhaust hoods can also take up to 3-4 hours. You can expect a two man crew and a charge of $100 to $250 an hour depending on your local area. There is also a chance you can get a decent discount by signing up for a recurring service schedule.

Cost can vary due to 

  • Geographic location
  • Height of exhaust chimney
  • Hood size
  • Level of grease buildup
  • Extra services like appliance and floor cleaning

How often should a restaurant clean their kitchen exhaust hood?

Restaurants that cook 24-hour food near you should get their kitchen exhaust cleaned on a monthly basis. Most restaurants, bars, and hotel kitchens should get their exhaust hoods cleaned every 3-4 months. Pizza places and restaurants that don’t cook greasy food can probably make due with one cleaning a year.

Those are estimates and every restaurants has different needs. The amount of cleanings per year has nothing to do with passing inspections. Cleanliness does matter when you’re speaking about the NFPA Standard for Ventilation Control. Therefore, you should get cleaned anytime you feel there is build up. Your local health inspector can also help you give you an idea of how often to clean it.

How does a commercial kitchen hood exhaust system work?

These kitchen exhaust systems help prevent fires by sucking the smoke and vapors out of the cooking areas. The exhaust system has a big hood that hangs over cooking areas with a big chimney in the middle. Inside these hood chimneys is a fan that blows the hot air, smoke, and vapors up to the outside world. There is also another part to this kitchen ventilation that replaces the outgoing air with clean air to keep the kitchen sage and up to code.

What questions should I ask restaurant hood cleaners before hiring them?

  • Is cleaning heavy commercial appliances and exhaust systems your specialty
  • Do you have local recommendations for other restaurants?
  • Does your company have the proper business license and insurance for this area?
  • Are you familiar with the local health inspector?
  • Do you offer recurring services?
  • Is there a discount for signing a long-term contract?

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