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Many fence companies are installing electric invisible fences now. They work well if you want your pets to stay in the yard, but don’t want to ruin the look of your house. Landscapers are also helping to put in invisible fences now. 

The yards with invisible fences have a nice open look to them. Their homeowners’ pets are also still safe.

The invisible fence is a system that creates an invisible barrier that runs along the perimeter of your yard.  The pets wear a small device on their collars  so electrical signal between the fence and the collar can communicate. If the pet tries to leave the safe zone the device sends a small shock to pet. Most invisible fences systems also beep before the shock so the pets knows it’s coming over time. This is how the pet will learn the boundaries so it will avoid the shock.

These invisible fences are very reliable and adaptable. They also are discreet. Pets can still escape if they are really want to. They just have to be willing to take the shock. There is also a less protection for home with an invisible fence. An invisible fence won’t stop intruders of the animal or human variety.

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