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There a lot of things that the DYI crowd can safely do on their own. Electrical work isn’t really on that list due to its dangerous nature.  Therefore, most homeowners need a good electrician every time there is electrical work to do around the house. 

Here are some reasons that you may need an electrician:

  • Building an addition onto your home
  • You’re doing remodeling or home improvement
  • Repairing damage caused by water or fire
  • Updating electrical components to meet safety regulations
  • Safety concerns
  • Adding USB ports to outlets
  • Upgrades to outlets or electrical panel
  • You have flickering lights
  • There are sparks coming out of sockets and/or switches
  • Your light switches aren’t working
  • You can’t turn things on anymore
  • Frequent power outages

Whatever your reason is for needing the best electricians near you, SPN has you covered. Check out the business reviews on any electrician that you may want to hire. You should also ask plenty of questions and get quotes from at least three electricians. 

Make sure to do what you can to ensure the electrician you choose does quality work for a good price. You want the job done right so your safe in your home. If you’re dealing with any of the issues above with your electricity, come here to find the best electricians near you!

Homes draw more power than ever due to all of our new tech and toys. Therefore, it may be time for you do some upgrades on your electrical systems to keep your home safe and the power flowing.

Here are some things you need to ask electricians prior to them doing work in your home:

  • Do you have a license to do electrical work in this area?
  • Are you properly bonded and/or insured to do electrical work here?
  • What type of warranty or guarantee do you offer?
  • How much will this cost?
  • Could there be any extra or unforeseen charges?
  • Are you doing the work yourself?
  • Will you pull the necessary permits?
  • Do you have any local references?
  • Do you special in residential or commercial work?

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How much does it cost to hire an electrician?

Typically, electricians charge between $50-100 per hour per electrician on the job. Homeowners can expect an average of $300 for most electrical projects. Your location, nature of the work, and the licensing level of the electrician will all affect the price. Make sure to ask questions upfront. Get it in writing. 

When do I need an electrician?

Well, you definitely need one for any electrical emergencies. You may also want to get an electrician to:

  • Adding new outlets or USB ports
  • Fix broken sockets or switches
  • Installing a light fixture or chandelier 
  • Hanging a ceiling fan
  • Updating or replacing circuit breakers
  • Outside electrical work
  • Adding outdoor lighting
  • Installing and maintaining any electrical features

How can I find a good electrician?

  • Check the business reviews.
  • Get at least three estimates from different electricians. Ask about the electrician’s license, credentials, and experience.
  • Inquire about warranties and guarantees. 
  • Ask for proof of insurance

Can I just do electrical work myself?

It’s not a good idea for several reasons. Safety should always be a bigger concern than saving a little money. Electricity is dangerous and you don’t want to be responsible for any issues like fires in the middle of the night. Even if the job seems simple, there is a lot of risk involved. You can also leave yourself open to liability by doing the work yourself. The exposure to risk is usually worth the cost to most people.

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