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Why I Love Monat For Men

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Monat For Men- Mike’s Review

It’s also surprising to them that I’m seriously getting other people to care more about their hair and skin. The older I get the more I see the value in taking of myself.

Having good skin and great looking hair is a gift, so taking care of what you make sense.

You can see from the shot from my fighting days that my friends have been teasing me about my hair for decades. I have always had a lot of really thick hair.

I’ve also never been a big fan of putting products in my hair, so my friends thought I was joking when I got into Monat.


I feel like a whole new man after using Monat for men!

The picture below is a little bit of a joke, but it’s also true. I do feel like a whole new man since I began using Monat products.


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I really love the REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive the best due to the way it makes my skin and hair feel. I am also a big fan of the REJUVABEADS by Monat for the way it helps with my dry hair. Split ends and damaged hair isn’t really an issue for me anymore.

I am a guy that never put much thought into how much shampoo I use. Therefore, I had issues, when I began to use Monat. A little dab will do you.

Monat has some super strong products, so using too much shampoo is a waste. It can also dry out your hair a bit.

I began to use just a little bit of the shampoo with the oil and REJUVABEADS. It was just a few days before my hair was really doing great. My hair is now better than ever.

I use very moderate amounts of shampoo and oil. My skin is soft and so is my hair.  I would not vouch for the product if I didn’t believe in it.

It’s OK to care about hair

It took me nearly 40 years to realize the simple truth that it’s OK to care about hair. Men grow up being told to walk and talk a certain way, so some guys avoid putting much effort into looking good. Some guys just don’t care either.

For me, it was a mixture of both. I didn’t want other guys teasing me for being on the metro-sexual side of things. I also really just didn’t care about hair, so it was always something on the back burner.

You can have amazing hair and make money.

Some girls that I know were posting on Instagram about their hair and making money. They were also talking about taking a vacation due to how well they were doing with Monat.

Now, I like girls, making money and taking free vacations, so I had to ask some questions. I also felt like they could help me step up my Instagram game.

I sent one of them a message about meeting for coffee, so I could learn more about what they were doing. My goals were to see if there was a way I could perhaps work with them on some win-win marketing. I really wasn’t expecting them to sell me on Monat.

However, it just made sense all the way around.

Learn about the benefits of Monat business

Learn about the Monat work-from-home opportunity

I’m a digital marketer that helps other people make money through social media. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that I took a couple of minutes to learn about the Monat work-from-home opportunity.

What I found surprising about Monat is that it is the number one (work-from-home) direct sales company in the world. They are also the number one hair care product line.

That was surprising to me due to the short history behind the company. Monat is breaking down sales barriers due to the great product and direct sales opportunity. It’s not surprising anymore, because I use the product and see the culture every single day.

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  1. As an Independent Market Partner for Monat and a dedicated product user, I can tell you what Mike says is true! Monat Global is also a young, innovative company! Beginning with the best hair care, they introduced skin care next. I knew it was coming because the Rejuveniqe Oil is amazing! Now they have wellness products!!