Vacuum Pack Machine for Home Use

Household Vacuum Sealer Supplier: Vacuum Food Sealer for Home Use, Durable Stainless Steel Lid, Smart Touch Panel, Three-button Design, Individual Heating.
1. Model # VS155S.
2. Smart touch panel.
3. Durable stainless steel lid.
4. Indicator light to show the working process.
5. Hands free operation, three-button design, press one button “Vacuum & Seal” to finish a circle working.
6. Individual heating and sealing function is available.
7. Pre-seal the vacuum bag any time when vacuuming.
8. Extra vacuum port on top of the machine for vacuuming canisters.
9. With built-in bag cutter, convenient for cutting bags from a roll.
10. Removable vacuum slot catches overflow liquid, easy for cleaning.
11. Compatible with most brands of embossed vacuum bags.
12. Sous Vide cooking assistant.
13. Seal width: 3mm.
14. Seal length: 30cm.
15. Power: 150W.

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