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Eugene Beliakov


Toronto, ON, Canada



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Introducing the Five Star, Higher Standards Real Estate Brand.

HomeLife Realty Services Inc.™ is guided by an unwavering commitment to providing a 5 Star Higher Standards™ level of real estate service to the world.  Founded by industry leader and industry disruptor, Andrew Cimerman: HomeLife has grown to become the largest Canadian-owned real estate franchise and continues to rapidly expand internationally.  No matter the growth, success, and milestones achieved, HomeLife continues to transcend industry norms and the status quo.  In an ever-changing real estate market, HomeLife’s focus has remained the same: a constant commitment & focus to providing Five Star Higher Standards customer service at all times.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? With opportunities for partnerships and franchise growth in Canada, the United States, and Internationally, there is no limit to growth when it comes to HomeLife.

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