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W Kevin Ward





About Me

My Vision:

Clients reaching their greatest potential through effective leadership/followership, for themselves and others, at all levels!


I will help you and your staff achieve sustainable excellence through continuous growth.

Let me bring your message to where your audience lives, and make it real for them. If it is real, they will own it! Let me deliver your message to your audience of one or thousands as a speaker, trainer, or author! Because of my varied experiences, your message will reach across different backgrounds and industries.

I have a passion for teachers and trainers to be the most effective possible. As a nationally certified master trainer, I accomplish this by helping them apply leadership and training principles in their roles. When they apply the principles, the concepts they are teaching/training will better reach everyone possible.

Using my experience as a military leader, organizing, planning, coordinating and executing training exercises I will introduce these concepts and how to use them in their personal and corporate environments.

Using extensive experiences in management of organizations and leading people I will design and implement initiatives and lead your people into the application of these skills. These apply in for-profit, non-profit or volunteer organization settings.

Let me help you get your personal, team or corporate message to the audience you desire!