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I am the Founder of Wilson Hinds Consulting Ltd, Founder of the Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe, as well as International Liaison for the Society of Emotional Intelligence International, USA and, Managing Partner of Synergised Solutions Ltd. 

I am a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach in EQ-i 2.0 – Master Trainer for the Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Profile (EISAP2.0); a Leadership Consultant with over 25 years of knowledge, skills, and expertise within the Human Resource Development arena, working within key corporate and public sector organisations. 

I am passionate about people, helping them to Realise, Unlock and Release their true Potential to be the best that they can possibly be; whether through coaching, personal development, or through my Multilateral Approach to Emotional Intelligence, which incorporates emotional and cultural intelligence as well as emotional resilience training and/or coaching including 1:1 feedback on EQ assessments.   My diverse skills and abilities enable me to provide a bespoke and (w)holistic service tailored specifically for my clients’ needs, organisational vision, values and objectives.

As an International Keynote Speaker, I have presented at Dementia medical conferences (Netherlands, UK, Rome, USA), with published articles on Transformation in Healthcare and the role of Emotional Intelligence and  an article in the Dementia Care Magazine. Now an established author, my first book: Journey to Empowerment: Tackling the bullies within, which is in supports of my Emotional Resilience and Tackling Bullying in the Workplace workshop and coaching initiatives.

I believe that with all the challenges we’ve encountered since 2020 and, the unprecedented space we are in, 2022 is the year where there will be a significant paradigm shift across the Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity (ED&I) landscape.  With the loss of lives through the pandemic and, the tragic death of George Floyd, the call for people with ‘lived experience’ is needed more now than ever to help organisations with their strategies to break these biases within their cultural infrastructure.  Biases have been ever present in every strand of society and, is now being challenged and vocalised within organisations.