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  • National Check-In Foundation
    We are a national Non Profit dedicated to advancing social media reach for local businesses across the nation and around the world. We are a division of the Discover Community Network LLC which is a network of 153 community based websites, 350+ social media outlets and 9 internet radio stations located all across the globe. We want to help local businesses take control of their Digital Marketing intelligently, simply and in the most cost effective manner available. Not only will we show you how to manage your Digital Media (for free) we will show you how manage your Digital Marketing specialists, help you with reputation management and help you increase your Social Media Reach. I was once told that people (especially business owners) are naturally skeptical of something that is offered for free, or at a nominal cost. I can understand that because I am that way also. Sometimes (but not often) people just want to help. If you get more business, people get jobs at better pay, standard of living goes up and crime goes down. It’s that simple.

    Troy Brewer
    CEO – Discover Community Network

  • Normally I would not post something like this….but I feel the need to convey the obvious. Your website is your brochure, it is best to assume that the visitor (like me) who would like to learn about you and what you do and if it will help my network to know about you and what you are about. That being said….

    Rule #1
    Make sure you have contact information on your website.
    Rule #2
    Make sure you have recently updated social media accounts (If it is me, that is the FIRST thing I look for, it tells me if you are still in business)
    Rule #3
    Check Spelling, and Grammar on EVERYTHING – this could be rule #2
    Rule #4
    When you post on Social Media, make it shareable – although it might not ever get shared, assume it will. Make sure all post have an image or video, link it back to your website, even if the post is not yours, put a link to your website anyway, unless you want to give yahoo, google, medium, or forbes your traffic.
    Rule #5
    Post Regularly!! Google Reads Facebook and Twitter for SEO
    Check website on EVERY device, from the $10.00 phone to your kids gaming desktop computer. Ask friends to check it for you, slow connections, fast connections, PS4 xBox1 everything and get feedback – fix what you can.
    Rule #7
    If this is too much for you to handle, buy me dinner (just to let you know, I am Fat) and I will do it for you. :-)

    Below is a video I did for Cabrito in BC

  • I am not a big Craigslist fan but this is useful if you need to search all of craigslist at once. https://www.searchtempest.com/

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    John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is on Top! May 17-19, 2019

  • DCN Radio – Funk, R&B and Motown | DCN Internet Radio Network Currently Playing – Gap Band – Burn Rubber #Funk #Motown #RandB

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    Over and again we’ve heard girls rule the world. Over the years girls have ruled the music world. The list of best-selling girl groups of all time, is dominated by women of color. The beginnings of artists like Beyonce, Diana Ross and Scary Spice were seeds planted within a trio, quartet or quintet. Here’s the list…

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  • I love it when people let me know about something that is FREE or Saves me a bunch of money on something I need/want. I run across stuff all the time so I wanted to create a pace where it can be shared with others. So here we are!

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      The Wireless Superstore!

    • Discover Puerto Rico is a part of the Discover Community Network which is a group of 153 community-based websites, 350+ social media outlets and 9 internet radio stations located all over the world. Visit us at http://puertorico.discovercountynetwork.com If you would like to advertise or promote your business on the DCN Network all us at 877-335-7779 or email info@discovercountynetwork.com

    • I have a problem most people would kill for. DCN INTERNET RADIO has more listeners than programming. We are currently looking for a sports radio/podcast to play on DCN Radio 3 – Talk Radio http://dcninternetradionetwork.com we can help promote you through the Discover Community Network. Check us out and let me know – thanks😁

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          • Troy Brewer posted a new activity comment 1 year, 9 months ago

            Thanks Mike :-) I had fun editing that video. My brother shot it and I did the rest. Made me want to go to Yountville also – lol

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              Prosecutors allege that Mack was a lead recruiter in an all-female sect called DOS, which supplied “slaves” who were encouraged “to engage in sexual activity with Keith Raniere.” An explosive New York Times report from 2017 alleged that these slaves were required to brand themselves with Mack’s and Raniere’s initials, and that they were forced to provide embarrassing “collateral” to DOS leaders that would be used against them in the event that they wanted to leave the group.


            • @mrbiz via DCN Books part of the Discover Community Network
              Pathway to Profits: A Mr. Biz Guide to Running Your Business Like a Boss!
              What You’ll Learn:
              • How to increase sales without “selling” more
              • How to achieve game-changing results from a budget without being a financial guru
              • Utilizing credit cards to create a huge cash flow advantage• How to hire the BEST . . . faster!
              • When not to DIY your business
              • A risk you might be ignoring that could doom your business• What to expect when you need financing
              • One simple action that will have vendors fighting to earn your business Bottom line – if you want a straight-forward pathway to more profits, this book is for you!

            • Trending in Ohio – Service Professionals Network (SPN)


            • At the top of the box office, Warner Bros.’s release of New Line’s Shazam! delivered just above expectations with an estimated $53.4 million for a cumulative total that stands at $56.7 million once you add in grosses from the late March, Fandango special event. The film was well received by critics and opening weekend audiences alike, the latter of which giving the film an “A” CinemaScore with males making up 57% of the crowd and 55% of the opening weekend audience coming in aged 25 years or older.


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              With Marvel\’s Endgame Due April 26th I figured I would get the list of the Top Grossing Marvel Movies So Far…Captain Marvel is still going strong so this list will be updated. Also Avatar is still the top movie of all time worldwide with 2.7 billion, my guess is that Endgame will top that. What do you think?
              Marvel Cinematic Universe Top Grossing Movies (Domestic)

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              With an estimated $45 million, Disney’s Dumbo topped the weekend box office though fell short of the studio’s $50+ million expectations and well short of what some thought would be a $60+ million debut. While the performance is well ahead of select, recent Disney releases such as Christopher Robin ($24.6m opening), Alice Through the Looking Glass ($26.9m opening) and Pete’s Dragon ($21.5m opening), it’s well short of films such as Cinderella ($67.9 million opening), which online ticket retailer Fandango.com reported Dumbo was outpacing in advance ticket sales.

            • via Discover Oregon
              The world’s last Blockbuster Video
              Bend, Oregon
              Following the closure over the weekend of a Blockbuster Video store in Perth, Australia, just one store remains operational on earth. The thriving Bend, Oregon, store uses a floppy disk-based computer system and employees write out membership cards by hand after the dot-matrix printer broke. The store’s customers mostly come for a nostalgia factor as it offers a cultural touch from an older era. Facing competition with Netflix, Blockbuster corporation faced bankruptcy in 2010, leaving local franchises to fend for themselves.

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              The Top 10 Marvin Gaye Songs
              #4. What’s Going On
              What’s Going On, from 1971, was the first album Gaye produced himself, and it proved to be a stark contrast to his back catalogue, as he unveiled a social conscience. The album’s title track – initially shunned by Gordy, who claimed it was the worst song he’d ever heard – was conceived by Motown songwriter Al Cleveland, who had been inspired by Four Tops bassist Renaldo “Obie” Benson witnessing police brutality in Berkeley, California. The rest of the Tops weren’t interested, but Benson convinced Gaye to take it on. Gaye adopted the song’s initial concept and reworked it, lyrically and melodically, adding his own personal experiences into the mix. The Vietnam war experiences of Gaye’s brother Frankie played a vital role in inspiring the album’s overall concept – the perspective of a veteran returning home to America, only to be greeted by a plague of suffering and injustice.

            • Stevie Ray Vaughan’s well-deserved induction as part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015 gives us a chance to celebrate one of the most dearly missed guitarists of all time. We can’t offer a shiny trophy atop a fancy display case in Cleveland, of course. So, we’ll simply shower praise instead on these Top 10 Stevie Ray Vaughan Songs.

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              Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Delivers a Mind-Blowing $70 Million Debut

              Universal’s release of Jordan Peele’s Us dominated the domestic box office, not only out-performing the opening weekends for several recent horror hits, but delivering the second largest opening ever for a live-action, original picture, topping the weekend box office with over $70 million. As a result, the 2019 box office continues to improve over the month of March after struggling to begin the year. Overall, this weekend was the third straight to outperform the same weekend last year.

              At #1, with an estimated $70.25 million (~49.6% of all tickets sold among the top 12 films), Us topped the weekend box office with the third largest opening of all-time for an R-rated horror film, blowing away 2018’s The Nun ($53.8m opening) and placing behind Universal’s own Halloween, which opened with $76.2 million last October. The film also decimated the opening for Peele’s previous film Get Out, which was a massive hit back in 2017 following a $33.3 million debut. Get Out would go on to gross over $176 million domestically, ranking as the third largest horror film of all-time domestically.

            • @spnlocal2017 Hey Mike, thanks for the Youtube comment on my video – here is another backlink for you and SPN via Discover Memphis http://memphis.discovercountynetwork.com/service-professionals-network-spn-home-of-the-win-win/

            • via Discover Napa County
              The Inn on First
              Napa, CA
              Where breakfast is a new adventure each and every morning.

              • Point of thought. ESPN Radio (owned by Disney) gets about 8 billion TLM – Total Listener Minutes per month. The DCN Internet Radio Network does between 9 and 10 million TLM – Total Listener Minutes per month. While we are not in the same class as ESPN our budget is about the cost of dinner at Wendy’s for 4 (If you order off the value menu, no drinks) lol

                About the DCN Internet Radio Network

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                Google Play – Apple Store

                • via DCN Headline News
                  Despite years of preparation through his organization, Emmanuel Moses said, when students get to college they could still “think they’re not good enough” and struggle with microaggressions and cultural disadvantages. “Things like you don’t have a suit, you don’t know what an informational interview is, you can’t afford an unpaid internship.”

                  Moses, who criticizes the pressure to be accepted into elite schools, continued: “They automatically get to these institutions and think all they have to do is really work hard, but then they realize all the other things that these privileged households, privileged families, legacies are bringing with them and how they can make the most of their ‘privilege’ of being at that institution.”

                  Although the college admission scandal doesn’t address access or race, Moses said, it gives affirmative action advocates “more evidence to say, see I told you.”

                • via DCN Headline News
                  (Does This Really Surprise Anybody?)
                  The massive college admissions scam, thought to be the biggest ever prosecuted in the United States, is a harsh reminder that wealthy families can cheat their way to even greater privilege. And some say this scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.


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                  Well WE DID IT!!! The DCN Internet Radio Network has officially hit 10 million Total Listener Minutes (TLM) for the past 30 days. For those scoring at home that is over 166,666 hours worldwide in the past month. The DCN Internet Radio Network would just like to say Thanks for all the support! http://dcninternetradionetwork.com

                • The New Issue of Caribbean Getaways is on the Virtual News Stand Right Now! View it at https://tinyurl.com/ybojq4mn

                • The Discover Community Network is proud to announce the newest addition to the DCN Internet Radio Network, Jamar James also known as the “Digital Currency Guy” will be starting a new show on DCN Talk Radio. Jamar will inform and educate listeners on all aspects of this new way to build wealth and dispel rumors about Crypto Currency. With over 10 years of experience trading, Jamar is uniquely qualified to bring this information to the world. You can listen to Jamar exclusively on DCN Radio 3 Talk Radio on the DCN Internet Radio Network

                  About the DCN Internet Radio Network

                • DCN Food and Wine
                  via Héritage Fine Wines
                  Interview with Kandace for Art & Wine Magazine.
                  Art and Wine Magazine interviews the top places to taste wine in Beverly Hills. Here they are in downtown interviewing Jordane Andrieu owner of Heritage Fine Wines
                  467 North Canon Drive
                  Beverly Hills, California 90210
                  #artandwine #magazine #wine #art

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                  Playing on DCN Talk Radio (DCN Radio 3) the latest edition of the Verbal Shenanigans Podcast Episode 230-Jon Fratelli!

                  Back again, and today we are joined by the frontman of the hit band, The Fratellis, Jon Fratelli. Jon joins us for a great conversation about his writing process, his solo career, playing huge festivals, and the evolution of The Fratellis. Make sure to check out John\’s new solo album, \”Bright Night Flowers.\”

                  We also talk Tom Brady, people\’s love of hate, read an article from 1958 entitled \”129 Ways to Find a Husband\”, and Mike\’s encounter with a pirate. Have a listen!

                  You can download all the episodes of the Verbal Shenanigans Podcast from the DCN Podcast Network


                • Troy Brewer posted an update 2 years ago

                  I had a problem….Since I run a global community network I found a list of the top 10 places in the world to live. I have a “Discover” Network in 7 out of the 10. Which made me mad, so instead of whining about it. I fixed it :-)
                  1. London
                  2. Paris
                  3. New York
                  4. Tokyo
                  5. Barcelona
                  6. Moscow
                  7. Chicago
                  8. Singapore
                  9. Dubai
                  10. San Francisco

                • Troy Brewer posted an update 2 years ago

                • Troy Brewer posted an update 2 years ago

                  via DCN Sports
                  Joe Jacoby former offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins of the NFL, where he won three Super Bowls during his tenure with the team is the Guest on Verbal Shenanigans Episode 225 on #DCNTalkRadio http://dcninternetradionetwork.com/dcnradio3

                • Troy Brewer posted an update 2 years ago

                  via DCN Books – part of the Discover Community Network
                  ‘The Stress Free Diet’ offers a holistic mind-body approach to lasting weight loss and optimum health through stress reduction. You will discover principles that will help you reduce the mental, emotional, physical and nutritional stressors that are keeping you from achieving the body, energy and health you desire.

                  You can get more of Kevin’s Tips on DCN Talk Radio “The Wellness Revolution – with Kevin Yates“


                • Troy Brewer posted an update 2 years ago

                  Starting in January DCN Radio 3 – Talk Radio will be featuring the Verbal Shenanigans podcast. We are happy to be able to play this popular podcast on the DCN Internet Radio Network. You can download and hear past shows on the DCN Podcast Network by clicking the link below.


                • Troy Brewer posted an update 2 years ago

                  via All Wireless 4 You
                  [LED Touch Design] Bluetooth Speaker, XLeader Portable Wireless Speakers with HD Sound / 12-Hour Playtime/Bluetooth 4.1 / Micro SD Support, for iPhone/ipad/Samsung/Tablet/Laptop/Echo dot (Black) $16.00

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                  Performing almost exactly as expected, WB’s release of Aquaman easily took the #1 spot at the weekend box office with an estimated $67.4 million over the course of the three-day weekend and a cume that now stands at $72.1 million once you include the $4.7 million in grosses from pre-weekend Amazon Prime showings. The film is now expected to deliver around $105 million over the course of its first five days, which ends on Christmas Day, routinely the busiest day at the box office all year. The film received an “A-” CinemaScore from opening day audiences and played to an opening weekend crowd that was 55% male and 58% aged 25 years or older.

                  Overall, the performance ranks as one of the top ten December openings of all-time, though it is sixth largest debut within WB’s DC Extended Universe. That last note, however, will be an interesting stat to watch as Aquaman has enjoyed some of the best reviews of the franchise and audiences seem to be enjoying it to the tune of an 86% audience rating on RottenTomatoes.

                • Currently Playing on #DCNradio R&B, Funk and Motown The O’Jays – Back Stabbers http://dcninternetradionetwork.com

                  #OJays #BackStabbers #RandB #Funk #Motown #InternetRadio

                • via Discover The Philippines part of the Discover County Network

                  The Philippines’ Catriona Gray was named Miss Universe 2018 on Monday, besting contestants from 93 other countries and delighting her home nation.

                  Gray wore a sparkling red dress she said was inspired by a volcano in the Philippines as she was handed the crown to the delight of a roaring crowd in Bangkok that generally favored Southeast Asian contestants.

                  The 24-year-old singer and model said she wore red because “when I was 13 my mom said she had a dream that I would win Miss Universe in a red dress.” She said her mom cried when they saw each other after she won the competition, the 67th Miss Universe pageant.

                  (Click below to read the Full Story)


                • Troy Brewer posted a new activity comment 2 years, 1 month ago

                  Thanks Mike, I appreciate it very much :-)

                • This is a video we did for “The Inn on First” in Napa, CA of course you can see the video on Discover Napa County – part of the Discover County Network :-)

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