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Welcome to the World of A.I. and high finance Arbitrage (i.e. simultaneous execution of buy and sell orders that results in instantaneous profits across multiple brokerages )


PGI is a NEW company with more than six corporate offices in the UK, USA, Manila, Singapore, Nigeria and Uganda, AND most recently LAS VEGAS!

PASSIVE ROI 0.5% – 3% per day 7 days a week Trading profit on investment capital up to 200%

Referral direct commissions 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%

Binary bonus 8% – 12%

the boost Bonus entitles you to an additional 2% on binary and referral commissions.


Minimum  of $ 100 package purchase

Maximum withdrawal per week is 50% of individual packages

Withdrawal of 8% processing fee


Let me show you my account results. I started July 2020  with $100.00 package, two weeks later a $1000.00.  For the second month now, I am able to purchase $1000.00 Monthly from PROFIT$!


P.S. BTW….I have been a professional investor/trainer for over 30 years, and my buddy that started Quizno’s years ago introduced me to this project.  If you like Bitcoin, You’ll Love This Project (you do NOT have to share this with anyone if you don’t want to!!)


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