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Occasionally, you read the label on your cloth that says “Dry cleaning lockers” and put it in the laundry. If not dry cleaned, fabrics like silk, wool, and velvet lose their shape, gloss, and luster. According to expert advice, certain clothing items with delicate textures and materials should only be cleaned by dry cleaning. We advise you to contact the dry cleaning experts for lockers to let your clothing last longer.

Now let us explain the aspects influencing the dry cleaning time to you;

Materials: Wool, silk, and velvet are delicate fabrics that frequently need dry cleaning. They cannot be washed in the same machine as conventional clothing. Therefore, using dry cleaners is recommended. Due to their fragility, the washing time must be accurately determined and calculated.

Wearing Routine: The frequency of wear affects the time required for dry cleaning. A costume’s luster and color will fade over time if you wear it daily. As a result, the fabric will require routine dry cleaning to keep it in good condition. For more details visit our website.