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Todd Hallbauer




Haltom City, Texas

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Proudly working with Protect Environmental Services, Inc. to help clean up hazardous waste & chemical spills across North Central Texas… I fly our intrepid drone, capturing footage from high above our team as they work in dangerous conditions on-site.

The drones help us perform faster and more accurate environmental impact assessments. They also help with environmental monitoring, planning, & documentation. I love working with drones to raise awareness for environmental sustainability.

As Disposal Director, I help manage the characterization, consolidation, profiling, arrangement of transportation, & manifesting of hazardous & special wastes.

A little about me:
I was born in Texas in 1986, & like my father, I’ve always loved nature, as well as been intrigued by science fiction. I even wrote a few SciFi books ???? available through Amazon. Please check them out & let me know your thoughts.

I’m frequently imagining what the world of the future will look like. I try to put myself in the boots of someone who’ll be around years from now & think about how events today will shape their lives.

My main ambitions in life are:
✦ To be thoughtful
✦ To explore new places
✦ To encourage other people to do the same.

I frequently use jokes & sarcasm at times when most people would opt not to. The pains of life seem less sharp when dulled with humor. Plus, it’s cheaper than even the worst vodka.

There are definitely things I take seriously. Among them is my desire to do whatever I can to make this planet a wonderful, or at least habitable, place ????after I’m gone. Habitable not just for my son & his children, but for all the people, cyborgs, ETs, & hybrids who’ll eventually call Earth home.

That’s part of the reason that I’m proud of the work I do with Protect Environmental Services, Inc. We’re available 24-7-365 for emergency hazardous materials cleanup & disposal.

Working to clean up hazardous waste & taking aerial images of what we do on-site to raise environmental awareness bring a lot of personal satisfaction. I also love our team & culture… because we strive to make a positive impact daily.

We provide emergency response & environmental remediation services to N Central Texas from our offices in Dallas & Fort Worth.

Protect Environmental Services is also a registered responder for ChemNet ChemTrec & is contracted with virtually all national spill coordinators servicing the Southwestern Region of the US.

???? Please feel free to contact me directly to inquire about our services and CALL (817) 589-9005 with any emergency clean-up needs you may have.

Please feel free to check out my Author profile on Amazon too: