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Hey there! Thank you for taking a quick minute to check out my profile, I appreciate you!

Tina Oliver has been happily married for 28 years, is a mom of 2 children and lives in Arizona. Here on SPN she is known as the Credit Wizard, helping folks to get a ridiculously high credit score while removing negative items within their credit profiles. Tina loves to add value to those following her, highlighting SPN rockstars in her #talkofthetown posts. She is a networking junkie and has helped others to make thousands of connections in her #fridaynightlights networking online get-togethers. I always follow back here on SPN!

Bad credit happens to good people…I know because I’ve been there. More than once! So, I understand how you feel and it’s been my mission for 20+ years to help others understand the importance of great credit, how the credit bureaus operate, the process of disputing negative accounts regardless of how new or old and to help you to obtain a ridiculously high credit score! No matter what your circumstance, we can help you restore your credit profile and credit score, revitalize your financial position and ultimately help you regain control of your financial life.

Our proven process has helped hundreds of thousands of people before you, to restore their credit score. We recently surpassed removing 2.5 million derogatory accounts from our clients’ credit profiles…over our 20 year track record, outstanding results for our clients is our top priority! Reach out to me…conversations, questions, consultations will always be FREE!

Along with her family, Tina loves to study the word of God, flat out having fun, spreading kindness, sharing positive vibes & energy, talking health and simply being all about win-win networking and #peoplehelpingpeople!

I am always looking to build my network relationships, and have an abundance of gratitude for so many wonderful folks here on SPN! .








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