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      This week I helped @danielgtaylor out

      Daniel told me he was starting a podcast and needed guests so I volunteered to be his first guest

      He did an amazing job preparing and we had a great time, these are just some of his questions:-

      – On page 10, you mention how we can stand out on social by making ourselves look different. How can we go about this?

      – On page 12, you expand on this idea in the B2B world by talking about how customers are looking for experts. I think this will get us into the heart of the practical ways we can effective social sellers: how can we use social to establish ourselves as experts?

      – On page 16, you talk about how social is usually seen by a business as a tactic rather than a strategy. How can a business make the shift from social as a tactic to social as a strategy?

      – On page 62, you talk about how it took your company two years to go global, spending $ zero on advertising, $ zero on email marketing, and $ zero on cold calling. Why did you choose to make social the sole strategy you used to grow?

      – On page 69, you mention that the buyer is now in charge of the sales process, not the salesperson. How do salespeople need to adapt to this?

      Looking forward to this podcast coming out soon

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