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Dallas, TX

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I’m not the best at promoting myself and I’m OK with that situation.Here are some things that make me who I am that I believe, are worth sharing. If these qualities connect with you, please feel welcome to send me an invitation to connect!I’m a goal-oriented professional. Some of my goals are to improve team efficiency, optimize outcomes and successfully deliver product/service increments. I like learning what moves people to do the work that they do and how to enable people to be their best at work so that they can be their best all the time. I enjoy serving teams as a coach, mentor, and impediment remover.Helping teams figure out their best way of working makes my day!When I’m not supporting clients and their teams, I’m spending time at home. I’m a bit of a book worm and I balance my appetite for learning with spending time with my family. Ours is an active lifestyle that includes riding bicycles, obstacle course racing, and exploring the great outdoors (the exploration is my wife and our daughters, I’m not too keen on camping in a tent!).For me, every day is about finding my “new normal” as I navigate relationships and the effects of my time in military service. My experiences inform me about how important relationships are between people and how delicate those relationships are in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).I look forward to reading your invitation and striking up a conversation! Hearing is a skill, listening is an art, and actively listening is caring.Tim Dickey