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  • Can you handle the hotness? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-dating-dos-donts-thomas-jackson/ takes on dating on LinkedIn.

  • Every year I take on a theme in my articles. 2014 was about rejection. Why? Because I received a bunch of templates telling me how great I was by companies who didn’t want me. 2015 was dealing with an abusive supervisor. Glad that is behind me. 2016 was Women’s Rights. 2017 had the Cultivation of Deeper Relationships which I hope to do indefinitely. Last year was about inclusion after I was excluded and this year’s theme? I Have No Superpowers. Of course there are talents to cultivate. Everyone wants to sound more interesting on social media and this was the first article in this running tab https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/you-were-expecting-cosmic-rays-thomas-jackson/. Hope you enjoy it and I love learning about others.

  • There’s a riot going on. In the past week my LinkedIn articles have taken the reader to The Raffles Hotel, nightclub bathrooms, through a long shift at the flower shop, describing what the silly emojis represent and so much more. If the sun has risen or set I have probably published. I don’t want to barrage connections with four hundred notifications per year. I respond to comments and appreciate the reads.

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