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Chris Walls


Atlanta GA.

About Me

I am a highly motivated veteran and entrepreneur with a strong will to success. After becoming successful in the wireless field as a systems engineer, I woke up one day and realized that I had a purpose! After struggling through a life of hardships including “surviving a WAR’ I had this strong sense of purpose.

Last year I tapped into a new way of life, I learned to live, as the Buddhist call it, “The Center Way” While struggling with PTSD I stumbled across many teachings and techniques that allowed me to free my self from the chains of emotions. I was finally free and life became amazing all of the sudden.

That is why I wrote my upcoming book “Freeing The Good Kid Within” founded the #TheFreeKid Movement and am building an App that will help many of our nations hero’s overcome and take back control of their lives.

Be sure to check out my full site, we have several regular bloggers and writers, positive daily content feeds, affiliate programs and much more.

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