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Award-Winning Executive Business Operations & Global Strategy Leader Focused in Multi-Billion-Dollar Budget Management, 400K+ People Leadership, & Transforming Global Organizations

With 20+ years of experience spanning business operations & global strategy leadership, I have been integral to reorganizing, restructuring, & improving results for globally integrated organizations. As a leader I have managed budgets up to $518B+ and oversight of 412K+ people, delivering impactful transformation while consistently exceeding organizational goals to influence profitability. It is my passion to utilize my success in public speaking, 2+ decades of C-Suite leadership, & aligning businesses to be operationally cohesive. Key Achievements Include:

✅ Prestigiously hand-selected from the top 1% of elite Senior Military Leaders to serve as the Primary Advisor to high-end Military Officers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense, and the President of the United States to provide strategic direction.

✅ Leverages 21+ years of CEO and COO expertise to provide tailored and fractional leadership services based on the principle of cultivating the intersection of corporate vision, strategy, and talent by effectively communicating the vision, driving highly successful organizations for 64+ clients in 12+ sectors.

✅ Led, implemented, and maintained follow through for a major staff restructuring and reorganization to transform the culture of a global corporate headquarters, resulting in a 300% increase in performance and a 150% growth in retention.

✅ Chosen among a competitive group to lead a cross-functional team of 39 SMEs across 5 geographic locations over the National Capital Region and Tampa, FL to support the planning, analysis, and strategic documentation for the Department of Defense within the highly classified global field of Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, exceeding expectations of a $28M contract task order.

✅ Established a task force in Africa to unify 14 of the African nations struggling with terrorist and criminal groups to dismantle the terrorist networksContact me through this profile if you’d like to connect.