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    Blaydes or Dos Santos? #UFC picks @spnlocal @dylankowalski Who else should we pick? [bpfb_video]https://giphy.com/gifs/ufc-mma-extended-preview-l1ugm6weXEQRLJn32[/bpfb_video]
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    Wish this New Year brings for all of you lots of joy, happiness, good health & success!!✨🎉 Have a rocking year!!!😎 [bpfb_images] 130_0-50377300-1577836693_img_20200101_003542_981.jpg [/bpfb_images]
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    posted a photo
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    [bpfb_link url='https://youtu.be/0DjuEh8O5No' title='YouTube' image='https://i.ytimg.com/vi/0DjuEh8O5No/maxresdefault.jpg']Help! I am quarantined during the COVID-19, Corona Virus Pandemic! How do you find peace when your only company is yourself? This guy is driving me nuts, but...[/bpfb_link]
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    Hey SPN'ers! Here is my 1st Studio Interview about the Brutal Truth that is happening in America in REAL TIME. Listen to my Multi-Gen Ageism and Income Inequality Interview FREE! Dear One Way Ticketers: Democratic Presidential hopefuls go head-to-head in another debate!! To prime you for the event, have a listen to the latest episode of The One Way Ticket Show featuring Diversity & Inclusion Author and Specialist, Vinay Singh. As the Founder of risingmiddleclass.com, Vinay just released his book, Your Future in Pieces – The Brutal Truth: How Ageism and Income Inequality Are Destroying America. In our conversation, Vinay shares his one way ticket to a future when wages in America would equally grow for every income class, and there would be mutual respect for one another. I’m guessing Bernie would agree . . . Click the link, hear the interview and let me know what you think: http://bit.ly/2kc6K1T
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    🤔 I just placed my AMAZON order by clicking in the upper right-hand corner ☝ on the "Use our AMAZON link to help SPN." It is EASY 😃👍 1. I fill up my AMAZON Cart (In my Amazon account... just the way I do it) 2. Then go to the SPN and click on the link in the upper right-hand corner ☝ 3. It automatically goes to my AMAZON Account and I finish placing the order. 4. Then I think... I sure am glad I can help support SPN even if it is just 30 cents or a few bucks. 5. Sometimes I even send Mike O'Connor a quick message letting him know I am supporting SPN 🏆It is truly a Win-Win with SPN🏆 Do you place your AMAZON Orders through the AMAZON Link ☝ ❓
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    Take care of yourself! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/aaronspais_activity-6588993116072665088-Dybq
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    Hi Team, Link to my latest article - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/power-kindness-suprabhat-das Thank you so much for your support! :)
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    Hello from New Zealand, looking forward to making new friends and connections here and on Linkedin.
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    [bpfb_images] 491_0-86531600-1564242719_im-not-like-that.jpg [/bpfb_images]
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    From our show last night. Please feel free to follow me on #Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/p/B0Yy1Npp7ie/
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    We all should incorporate this into our homes. It would make such a huge difference for the environment. [bpfb_images] 855_0-52066600-1559970138_in-japan.png [/bpfb_images]
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    Sorry...not sorry [bpfb_images] 621_0-37654100-1561484468_it-doesnt-matter.jpg [/bpfb_images]
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    ✨ Today is my birthday!! ✨ 🎉 What better way to celebrate than to launch my brand new website!! www.catchingbeautyphoto.com 🎉 For those who’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I’ve been working hard on this, and I’m so excited that it’s finally complete! Please take a moment to check it out, it’s mobile-friendly too!!
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    Heading out to #SanAntonio to start a new branch of #Monat! https://www.instagram.com/p/B1RTVvTDDOc/
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    #truth [bpfb_images] 581_0-70433700-1561484229_rock-bottom-teaches.jpg [/bpfb_images]
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    "Flames from the sky" by the Lost Monarchs. It's one of my favorite songs to play and people seem to love to jam with it. @guitarist-for-hire, I, and the rest of the band will be playing it on a tour of California this summer. I can't wait and hope some of you guys can perhaps make one of our shows! @captnamerca..so good to see you on here, Schmidty! [bpfb_video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2WgVqVjQYc[/bpfb_video]
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