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    Hi glad to connect with everyone! Susan here. I write a lot about being authentic and owning all your quirks.

    I Board: FMA, PMA, am an active member of WIM, SEMA, CTC, SWE, SME I’m a big believer in education being free and accessible .

    I can come off quite loudly- so don’t mind the noise, I’m like a firecracker, you won’t mind once you see how beautiful the fireworks can be.

    LMK how I can help you. Big believer of helping 1 person, taking tiny steps of action, and micro-changes.

    Background is in marketing: you can see some stuff I do really well in that field on : iusuesue.com

    I run MFG-LIST.COM and MFG-LIST.ORG (that’s really my passion) one company is 100% for profit and it pays for everything I do with MFG-LIST.ORG and keeps it free for students, schools, teachers. etc.

    If you are interested in partnering cross promotion, and other partnerships- reach out. I am really easy to work with (although intense) unless you are smarmy— I can be quite the a-hole.

    I think everyone here has good intentions, so I’d be happy to help how I can.

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