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Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering with a broad set of skills applicable across different sectors and roles. I believe in the principle of experiential learning i.e. learning by doing.I volunteered in several local, and global organizations, both in-person and online to give back to the community in best possible ways.A distinguished academic and non-academic record made me enlist in the “Hall of Fame” of my University and fetch me full-sponsorship for my first-ever international conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – “Global Goals Model United Nations 2019”.In a nutshell, “I failed a lot, learned a lot, and achieved a lot.???? I am presently working as Project Engineer at Wipro Limited. ???????? Top 6 words that describe me ????• Intuitive• Dreamer• Playful• Introspective• Perfectionist• Researcher???? Strengths ????• Intellectual and Analytical (turning data into knowledge)• Highly intuitive nature that usually proves right• Highly dedicated, determined and disciplined• Highly adaptable with quick learning ability???? Core Competencies ????( For more details, please visit – )• Decision Making• Teamwork• Work Standards• Motivation• Reliability• Problem Solving• Adaptability• Planning and Organizing• Communication• Integrity• Initiative• Stress TolerancePlease review my “Experience” profile section for additional information.???? A thought I preach ????“Learn More. Achieve More.”???? My success mantra ????“Being a trend-setter rather than being a trend-follower.”