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My name is Story.

I was presented the name at a very young age. Both of my parents realized very early on, that before I could even talk, I was a childlike mime; acting and entertaining for any audience that would have me.

I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan but spent most years in Kenosha, Wisconsin. My travels have now brought me to Dallas, Texas and this is where I now exist.

I am forever writing, for if ever a tale needs telling, I want to be the one who tells it. I write how I speak, or maybe it’s the other way ‘round – you be the judge.

What makes me happy? A situation full of excitement, sunshine, a hand to hold, and a hug to share. (Oh! Finding that humorous moments are the key to existing and enjoying life!)

A lover of all types of food, I am – my favorite being Italian, and the beer doesn’t have to be expensive, just cold.

And I love to cook, too! Homemade pizza by my own hands? That’s right! Microwave dinners? That’s wrong!

Most would say I’m a fun-loving guy you see every day, someone you might say “Hi!” to in the morning (and I will respond in kind) whether at a coffee shop, at work, on the bus, or maybe in line getting the winning (or is it losing) Lotto Ticket. Yeah, I know… 34 years of playing, but why stop now?

My friends say, “He’s the cool dude at the sporting venue, who will never leave you hanging with a high-five”. (Even when I forget you are not supposed to high-five the opponents’ fans when their team scores)

What can I say? I’m passionately involved!

Really rather think of myself as just a regular guy, but when it’s time to be ‘irregular’, then I think you’ll really like me.

My name is Story… Be Blessed!