Mike O'Connor

About Me

Thank you for joining the Service Professionals Network!!

I am a long-time social media enthusiast and love just about everything about digital marketing and people. I love to learn about and help people do things better. My goal is to get a little bit better every day at everything that I do. That includes being a better person.

Welcome to the social media site of the Service Professionals Network! We got our start as a networking project on LinkedIn and went onto build a group on Facebook too! Those groups will continue to add value and we will continue to engage there to help people build their audience and brands.

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The idea behind adding this social media feature to this site is to enable SPN members to grow even more. Our buying power and the change we can push for in society get stronger with each new SPN member. The Golden Rule and building a future that is better for everyone is the main goal of SPN and our friends at the URTFC.

The stronger this site becomes the more money we can raise and the more we can help people. This site gives everyone one more spot to drop their links, get views and build your brand. It’s FREE to use and that won’t change.

We do hope you help us if you are able by shopping through our Amazon links. Over 50% of our affiliate commissions goes to sick people and charitable organizations. We will also be taking donations through PayPal too! You do not have to use our Amazon links or donate to PayPal to take advantage of this platform, but it is a nice thing to do and we appreciate the help immensely!

Contact me through chat or phone anytime. I’ll do my best to keep up! Thanks and have a great day!

P.S. There are going to be bugs and other issues. Please feel free to let me know and I’ll be working on things as I go!