Are You On The List? You Should Be

Create an SPN social media profile and ask to be on the auto-friend list by commenting below or messaging me directly. Get on the list and become friends with every new member. It’s that simple. Build your professional network on SPN. We are here to help.

Social media networking made easy

The whole idea of social media, in my humble opinion, is to grow your brand and sphere of influence. Most of us get on social media to learn, have fun, and meet new people.

It’s a struggle to make friends and good connections on any of the other major social media platforms. We all know many people that have spent countless hours making friends and working on building their social networks. Many of us are those people and we will never get that time or energy back.

I want to change things up a bit because I believe online professional and social networking mix. Who says they can’t? It doesn’t matter because those naysayers aren’t relevant here.

If you create an SPN profile and comment on this blog with a request to make the auto-friend list, we will beginning the vetting process. We will consider your profile and add anyone we feel is a real person to the list.

As always, you just have to follow the golden rule on SPN. Don’t harass or spam other people, including me and you are always going to be welcome here. Invite your friends and colleagues to join the site after you make the list. It will help you, them, and all the other win-win thinking members of SPN.

SPN Family

I am inviting you to join my SPN family and take part in one of the very best professional networks in the world. This began with the SPN networking group on LinkedIn. If you don’t seem like a real person or someone that truly has the best interest of others at heart, then you won’t make the list.

I want to open the SPN family up to the world, but I will keep watch over my brothers and sisters. Be kind and help each other rise; that’s why we’re here!


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