• Mike O'Connor posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I don’t know about you, but I’m just tired of people being mean, hypocritical, bossy, and loud as hell about every little thing they don’t agree with.Don’t take part in cancel culture.Don’t take part in hypocrisy.Don’t engage in tic for tat arguments.Do avoid toxic people.Do avoid things that make you anxious or angry.Do go for a walk and take care of yourself.Just be nice.It’s not as hard as it as seems lately.Follow the Golden Rule and take a breath before releasing anger or negativity on other people. Most of us are full up on that crap. Share some sunshine and fill your feed, more importantly, and fill your heart, mind, and soul with as many positive vibes as possible.Take care and make the most of the ride!#GoldenRule #SPN #PositiveVibesOnly #BeNice #kindnessmatters #hypocrisysucks #canceltoxicity #cancelthebullshit #StrongerTogether #MakePeace #BeTheLight #leadtheway

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