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    The main event and co-main at #UFC257 both could be fantastic fights.

    However, I think #McGregor is easy money as he will probably win inside 2-3 minutes. Poirier has made a ton of improvements and he has heart for days, so this could turn into a war, but the chances are that McGregor snipes with that left hand really hard. He knocked out Poirier last time as a featherweight. Poirer has been on a tear at 155 and the extra weight may help him take a punch. The extra weight just won’t help enough to take Conor’s punch.

    I feel like Hooker could KO Chandler, but chances are that Chandler takes him down and mauls him for three rounds. Both of these guys never take a step back and they both are going to go for the kill so this could be a really great fight. I just feel there is way too much difference in the grappling department. I also feel that Chandler won’t want to gamble much in his first UFC fight, so I expect him to go the safer route and GNP Hooker for 15 minutes if he can take the damage.

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