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    Some awfully smart people will tell you that the first signs of real civilization is a broken femur that has healed correctly. 

    Breaks like that just don’t tend to heal right in the wild. They need the right treatments and people need to be able to help the afflicted. 

    Wounds of the heart and mind often heal the same. 

    Most of us haven’t broken our femur, but we all have had a broken heart and our fair share of trials and tribulations. 

    It’s been especially rough for all of us lately. Now, is the time for us all to heal a little bit.

    Be kind to people. Lift them up rather than put them down. Drop the rope to help others climb. 

    If you need to tell someone what they’re doing wrong make sure to also tell them what they do well. Constructive criticism is best served with love. 

    Motivate yourself to be the example you need and you may just change the world. 

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