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      Someone asked me what I’m going to do when I don’t have to work so much and I can just enjoy what SPN is becoming.

      The goal is the same. I’m going to get to the point where I just travel, find the places rated 5 stars on SPN, and find what makes them stand out.

      I’m going to film my travels and the people that I meet.

      The person went on to ask me where I came up with that idea.

      The truth is we should want to see as much of the world as possible. We should want to do big things that excite us and those around us.

      If it doesn’t excite you, do something else. If it excites you, but not the people around you, follow your passion.

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      • Texas is a great place to live and visit. Do keep in mind that summer months might be a little too hot. We generally have 100 F and above in July and August.