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      Did you know that over 86% of all searches on #Google are people looking for local products and services?

      Local citations from high-domain-authority sites, like SPN, help more local people find your #business.

      Our domain authority is 60 on #Moz and 56 on #ahrefs. That means the backlinks our sites gives your site raises your domain authority.

      The higher your domain authority, the higher chances of people finding your site online. You want to get as many backlinks from high-ranking sites as possible, because building your web is how catch more peoples’ attention.

      Currently, SPN gets about 200-260k thousand visits a day, so direct traffic potentional is growing daily.

      #SEO companies went from trying to sell me services to asking me, if they can post for their clients on SPN. Hell yea, post all you want!

      You should be using this feed a lot. Market your products and services here. Start engaging to build your network and online visibilty.

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      • I’ve been here since the early days and have witnessed the growth.

        • I appreciate you and the other OG members more than you will ever know. As we grow, you will grow. :)