• Mike O'Connor posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    Make sure you take your #YouTube video urls and add them here. Ask other SPN members to subscribe to your channel. Ask us to like or comment on your videos as you post them. Getting likes and comments on your YouTube videos is what feeds them into the search engine. We can all help each other build our brands and earn money through YouTube by working together. That is the whole point of SPN….win-win marketing. When you have a YouTube video post the url in the middle icon below…it will show the video preview and be live like this video. We can’t help you, if we don’t know how to help you. Ask questions on this platform by tagging me and I’ll answer with my best possible answer. @btaftfitness @juanblanco76 @samhurley @kennedy657 @irabowman @craig @craigwasilchak @maryhenderson @loladell @laurakiley @tedladzinski @mandyjahlas @andyvargo

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