• Mike O'Connor posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago ·

    I am without a doubt as far from perfect as anyone that has ever walked this planet.

    I have made my share of mistakes and bad judgements.

    However, I’m extremely proud of myself.

    I don’t compromise my morals and I have never betrayed a family member or a friend.

    I have never cheated on anyone and I don’t lie about anything.

    I have some of the greatest friends in the world because of the way that I am.

    My true friends are the salt of the Earth and they would not be my friends if I were half of things that some people have labeled me.

    I could have became bitter about many things many moons ago, but I consistently choose to get better.

    I help people every single day of my life and I don’t do anything to hurt anyone.

    Many people have taken advantage of me and my good nature.

    I’m better at drawing boundaries and I’m learning how to protect myself from those that mean me harm.

    I can honestly say that I hold no ill-will toward anyone even those that will never again be a part of my life.

    My life is half over and there is still a lot of positive things for me to do in this world so I will not spend one moment second guessing myself or wondering about what could have been.

    I will spend every moment of my life improving and helping those around me as I’m able.

    There are many of you that have picked me up and checked on me every step of the way. You are my family and loved ones.

    I’m beyond grateful for all of you have helped me along this journey. I will work hard to show your faith in me and the love you have shown me is appreciated and reciprocated to the best of my ability.

    Thank you and I love you just don’t seem to be strong enough words for how I feel about you all.

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