• Mike O'Connor posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    I made the decision to go with smaller images, thumbnails and still videos (depending on format and where you upload).

    I did this, because it helps this site function really quickly, which helps with rankings. It will help everyone get more value out of the backlinks and sharing within the search engines.

    So smaller images mean the site ranks faster and drives traffic to your social media and website pages faster.

    This site was built to help me make money while helping you make money. It is a place to engage and ask questions, but it is also what it is. This site is here to help you drive traffic to your websites, LinkedIn articles or whatever else you need.

    As the site grows and we make more money we will bring on more help and make things better.

    Thanks for helping SPN get going. You are all super appreciated more than you know. You are #SPN. You will win!

    @tedladzinski @irabowman @lynnengland @amazonrise @provenioconsulting @ahabash @laurakiley @loladell @schubertjc @lisajones @lisavo @angellr and everyone else here…thank you!

    • Mike, thank you for the mention and this site is really taking shape. I have been a bit detached here, LI, and FB as I have been trying to meet deliverables. That said, I still have tried to stay abreast of your activities. Thank you for being such a mensch. -Bob-

      • You’re here. I understand busy and appreciate you just signing up and filling out the profile more than you know. The rankings are really rebounding already. Everyone on here that is featured is going to be alright! :) Thanks for all the feedback and help, everyone!

    • Thanks for the mention, Mike!