• Mike O'Connor posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago ·

    Feedback here and on YouTube will be greatly appreciated. I will definitely engage and subscribe back as part of the win-win networking and marketing campaign.

    The goal is to help everyone understand and help us develop the best ways to use both SPN and FYI.to. The more you share and engage here the more SPN will be able to you and your professional network.

    We only ask that you follow the Golden Rule and don’t SPAM the feeds. As adults that have been using the internet, we all know what that means.

    No gofundme scams or bogus business practices allowed. Don’t pander, badger, stalk or harm people in any way here and you’ll be able to have a GREAT FREE RESOURCE forever.

    The goal behind SPN is to create worldwide change through real networking and relationship building using the Golden Rule, Fairness, and common sense as our guides.

    Never hesitate to ask questions on my wall or feed. If I can help you in some way I will. SPN needs some success stories so lets start with you.

    @katja-gersak @schubertjc @eringraybillellis @erinkurasz @carriecastillo @dano
    @craig @craigwasilchak @kennedy657 @doylebuehler @glenridgefleet @andyvargo @rodrigomartinez @wkevinward @lorimiller @trybean @urtfc @aaronking @nikkigiamp @5dollarblingenvybyamanda @mrbiz @chrisborja1 @andyschulkind @john @jhorn

    We can’t help you, if you’re not sharing stuff in the feeds, in the groups, or in your profiles.

            • Mike, thank you so much for the kind mention. Love your videos & all the useful information you share.
              I learn something new from you every single day.
              I didn’t realize about the closing preview option when posting, for example.

              I left you my comment on YouTube, but I can’t tag anyone in the first comment, nor in my own video post. Is there any trick to tag on YouTube? Thanks. :)


                • Hi Katja,

                  I hope you’re having a great day! I’ll respond to your comment on there soon..thank you! Yea, I am sure some people are having issues with the posting in the activity feed so I hope this video helps with that. I really don’t know anything about tagging on YouTube. I know that writing a good description and putting your links in there helps just as engagement and sharing it does. :) I am always glad to help people that practice win-win get more views and shares (backlinks). I hope you have a great night, Katja!

                    • Hi Mike,

                      Rainy Wednesday morning here in Barcelona. Very unusual, but really needed.☔
                      Thanks for your feedback. I want to bring some consistency in my posting. I’ve just started with YouTube and any advice is golden.
                      About SPN feed. I really like the idea of creating conversations, not just posting our stuff. At the end of the day is what brings a great additional value to any post.
                      All your dedication, help and basically all you do is highly appreciated.

                      I hope you have a great night! :)


                  • Great mission @Mike O’Connor!