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Herndon, Virginia, United States

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Chief Encouragement Officer | Vision, Strategy, & Team | Sounding Board, Coach & Mentor | ★ Helping people-focused entrepreneurs lead with vision and execute what matters so their people and businesses win ★


Are you a growth-minded entrepreneur with too many things vying for your attention?On a good day, you’re working frantically to get it all done but wondering if the things you’re doing are the RIGHT things. On a bad day, you feel crushed under the load of everything you’re carrying and wish you could do more for your team.It shouldn’t be so hard to know your business priorities and execute them. You deserve someone on your side you can trust to help you clarify your vision, develop a strategy, navigate your leadership challenges, and win.I’ve been in your shoes. In working with leaders like you, I understand how it feels to wake up in the middle of the night worried that something fell through the cracks and exhausted by the thought of the 1,000 decisions that need to be made the next day. I’ve worked with dozens of leaders in startups, not-for-profits, and businesses over the last 20 years to help them solve problems and make smart decisions. My 18 years as a marketer, team leader, and project manager have given me insight and tools into the people, customer, and operational components of business. As a certified Director of Operations, I also understand the strategic, systems, and human components needed to enable teams to thrive in our hybrid work, digital world.I love solving problems and helping people win. I believe most organizations are full of untapped potential, which can be harnessed with a winning vision, a workable plan, and a well + connected team. I also believe that 5 AM is the best time of day and hugs from my sons are worth more than any amount of money.If you’re ready to stop running in multiple directions and move forward with conviction, focus, and a strategic partner you can enjoy the journey with, let’s chat. Book a call 👇 can also reach me at:📧 [email protected]🌐