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Shreyas Koushik

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Bangalore, India

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I’m an Executive-Life Coach!

You may be wondering, what’s that?

Imagine, there are two circles. One representing Executive Coaching and the other Life Coaching. Bring both circles closer. The area where they overlap is my work — Executive-Life Coaching.

I believe, to live a happy and fulfilling life, professional and personal lives go hand-in-hand. One can’t thrive without the other as they aren’t mutually exclusive. In short, they’ve a synergetic relationship.

I help my clients to not just understand but accept and implement the same synergy in their day-to-day lives, such that they attain golden success in their professional lives while enjoying platinum success in their personal lives.

⭐ Who do I work with?

1. Senior Executives in IT and Services industry

2. Fellow coaches who wish to accelerate their personal growth

⭐ How do I do it?

I use the ??? approach.

• CURIOSITY – helping you dig deeper into your challenges and their solutions by applying curiosity instead of self-condemnation

• RESPONSIBILITY – guiding you to take ownership of your life (good, bad, right, wrong — all of it) so that you can smash your “far-fetched” goals

• CONNECTEDNESS – I do it all by practicing empathy and active listening by myself. Bragging alert! In my ex-clients’ words, “I win my clients over by giving them a safe space to share their struggles without any sort of judgments.”

There are 3 major solutions which are brick and mortar for the foundation of change you’re seeking for:

? Setting boundaries confidently without any guilt so that you can remain focused instead of stressed out.

? Reframing your approach from the focus on quantity to quality. Be it the number of working hours required to get a salary hike or the time you wish to spend with your family or self.

? Letting go of assumptions and limiting beliefs like, “I need to sacrifice my personal life for a promotion in my job.” (Surprise — You do NOT need to sacrifice anything)I help you apply these solutions in your life.

Also, I’m certified in the most advanced and reliable assessment tools – ?????? ????????? ???????™ and ?????? ?????????? ?????™ which I use to bring forth the clarity you need.⭐ Wondering if we’re a right fit for this journey?DM or send me an email at [email protected], mentioning WHY do you want to be coached. I’ll get back with my response.

I can’t wait to partner up with you on this journey of clarity and change. Are you ready?

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