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Looking for superior luxury soaps or bathroom products that tastefully enhance healthy lifestyle?

☞ Are you interested in expanding your company’s label bathroom range of Pure Health & Luxury designer soap and bath room products with ethically sourced ingredients?

☞ Do you wish to stand out from the crowd with the ultimate bathroom guest experience?

I’m here to help you!


Savon Paradis is a Natural Health and Wellness Product Developers working alongside Manufactures based in England. Our expertise in developing soaps and bathroom products in the world of beauty cannot be over emphasised.

In highly saturated health and wellness market, we are differentiated by our unique approach in providing pure luxury for esteemed customers. From luxury Hotel to exclusive to Spa market, we can create a range of fashionable products without losing sight of adding the huge value to users’ health and well-being.

Customer-centricity is a key factor to business success. At Savon Paradis, we develop our products around the various needs of our clients. This is why we go far and beyond to provide our users with products made from ethically sourced, high quality ingredients that are designed to feed the skin and nourish the soul and senses for easy functionality in their daily lives with a blend rich English formulations.

Our products categories include a range of bespoke soaps to bath salts, and other beauty care products that represent simplicity, elegance and style.

We design and develop products to enhance the wellbeing of our users by carrying the physical properties of flowers and plants in a highly concentrated form.

✦✦✦ For more information about us or our product and other brands, visit ⇒ http://www.savonparadis.com.

You can also reach out to me on LinkedIn or directly!

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