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    Bringing back the Power of Nature directly into your hands.

    There is nothing more that gives me greater pleasure in life to always be ready to fully express one’s creative passion with a purpose to enhance the well-being of others.

    The beauty of pure plant oil possesses homeostatic intelligence, a state where every vital biological process within a living organism is functioning as it should – It is a state of perfect wellness.

    Enfleurage was the traditional method of extraction used into the early 20th century, and Organic Rose Enfleurage Essential Oil has a long history in folk remedies, especially in the area of skin care.

    It is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skins.

    It is important to ensure that products you use contains genuine pure essential oil. Synthetic oil ingredients have no therapeutic value at all!

    Remember, with our authentic Rose Oil produced by Enfleurage, a little goes a long way with a little twist of luxury in design.

    Have a great day,

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