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Saqib Raza


8 The Green Ste R Dover, DE 19901, USA

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With each passing day, the world grows a little more towards technological transformations and my sole intention is to grow along with it!I am an experienced software engineer, with particular skills and knowledge. I believe that web development is not just a profession, it is a way forward in this day and age, which is why I have been a freelance web developer/game developer for almost four years now.Today, I stand as the co-founder of Xperts Packaging and CBD Boxes Experts.The main purpose of creating these is to take my vision of quality along and develop packaging that is #durable and helpful to the environment as well.We are a packaging partner for several multinational businesses around the US.At “Xperts Packaging”, we do not believe in an abundance of clients, we believe in an abundance of client satisfaction! With our worldwide shipping services and enhanced (or internationally standardized) quality of products, you can say goodbye to all your packaging issues.We also provide customized packaging services to give your products a touch of personalization!If you are looking for a packaging partner that provides the right services with a nod of positivity, COME JOIN our family! we will be happy to serve you!I trust in taking initiatives and expanding my horizons each day!Visit our website now???? 888-716-1078☺ Reach out to me directly here on LinkedIn