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Most companies in #WasteManagement still think that their role is only to collect and dispose of waste. Unfortunately they are forgetting the real role that they have. Due to that they do actions that in addition to reducing the amount of waste collected don’t promote the sales of secondary raw materials as the most important part of their business. They don’t know their real power. In fact waste management companies are the only ones that can really promote Planet saving.


Creating processes that increase the quality and quantity of wastes collected but mainly promoting the reuse of secondary raw materials.
I know that you are probably asking how it is possible?

Well the answer is doing Marketing.

But not marketing as usually you know with interesting graphics, websites, flyers, and a lot of other things. No nothing like that.
What waste management companies need is a complete marketing strategy based on the knowledge of the waste market and on the knowledge of the raw materials market.
A marketing strategy that acts on the people creating a change of mindset about what wastes are.

Who am I to tell you that?

I’m Samuele Barrili and I’m the proud son of two chemists.

After my degree in Toxicological Chemistry I started to work in the field as a salesman and later as a marketing manager.
In over 10 years I worked as a marketing manager being in contact with owners of small and big companies, understanding which thoughts, problems and fears they experienced when someone talked to them about marketing.

For that in 2019 I created MiM® Marketing Interim Managers as The First Interim Company That Helps Waste Management Companies Create a Marketing Strategy That Saves the Planet by Increasing Their Revenue, Without Wasting Time.

If you want to know more about how we work download the chapter of my book MiM® Why You Don’t Need a Marketing ManagerClick Here: