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    Is your marketing communication similar at which TV serie?

    I know that it looks like an online game but it isn’t.

    Indeed talking about your marketing, it’s important to build a relationship between your company and your clients close than the relationship that exist between a TV serie’s fan and the TV serie.

    What that means?

    Read it on my new post on linkedin go on https://www.linkedin.com/posts/samuele-barrili-67580740_home-samuele-barrili-mim-marketing-activity-6785526409793191936-Vx2D

  • In-House or Outsourcing?
    It’s always the same battle. Specially in time of crisis where companies reduce costs cutting external collaborations… Usually in a common scenario #inhouse and #outsourcing are the #two options. But in time of crisis there is a #best option. Specially in Marketing.
    Discover which is in my new article 


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    Thak you so much @Mike! In the next season, May 2021, I\’ll invite you to discuss about Socialmedia Marketing.

  • This evening like every Thursday, Marketing Drops will air on channel 68 of the digital terrestrial television in Italy.Today’s episode, like last Thursday’s, is part of the new format chosen for the first TV show on marketing literacy for artisans, freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs.In interview mode, this evening, Cecilia Quinterio a professional copywriter will take part in Marketing Drops.Don’t worry, it’s not about any magical art.Although it can wield some magic.In fact, copywriting is the art of writing to sell.It’s a writing technique that will allow you to turn your readers, your website visitors, your prospects, and those you generally come in contact with into customers.But I don’t want to reveal any more.I’ll see you in 2 hours.I’ll be waiting for you.Take care.Channel 68 of the Digital Terrestrial Television at 7pm.See you later!Avanti Tutta!SamuelePS: Remember that if you can’t see it, you can always register at http://www.marketingdrops.it and watch it again in streaming starting Monday, January 25.Want to know more?Join the Facebook group by clicking MarketingDropsSee you soon

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