• Ron Craig posted an update 1 year ago ·

    Don’t get into a BAD relationship with a Scammer today! 👇

    As you all scramble to find something to send to your loved one please be mindful of these common Valentines Scams:

    💔 email’s and texts from fake florists – use a reputable dealer in your town and call them or visit their site directly

    💔 email’s and texts with digital cards. Don’t click the links in these as they may not be from your beloved!

    💔 fake delivery scams… saying you owe $x.xx for it to be delivered. Pay the fee and it will be sent right away

    💔 lonely and seeking love… this goes both ways.. you can be the lonely one and getting preyed upon today

    If you are single and the day weighs on your heart and you want to find that someone special… be VERY careful especially today about knights in shining Scamour.

    Have a Happy Valentines day and as always…



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