• Ron Craig posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago ·

    A SMART home is a SAFE Home 🏠 😳

    No seriously that was advertised on the radio tonight when I was driving home!

    When are people going to realize that when you bring IoT systems into your home you are compromising your family safety!

    We just saw this week, the little girl that was being talked to by a CRIMINAL in her bedroom while the predator was watching her on camera! Yes… this happened!!!!

    How safe do you think that family feels right now? Not to mention VIOLATED!

    Please remember that bringing IP cameras and smart speakers into your home isn’t that far off from inviting a pedophile to stay with you…

    A SMART home is a home where you think before you buy an Internet connected audio and / or video device.

    Be Cyber Smart and don’t put your CHILDREN at risk from predators please…


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