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    URGENT Phishing Reminder! The Vultures are Circling you as we speak! 👇👇👇👇

    As the holidays approach the attempts from scammers will only get WORSE!

    Don’t fall for these SCAMS whether they are emails or phone or text!

    Keep these basic tips in your mind always:

    👉 If it’s too good to be true… IT IS!
    👉 If it’s a matter of urgency… IT’S NOT!
    👉 If it’s threatening then… IT’S FAKE!
    👉 If it’s to buy gift cards… IT’S NOT GRANDMA!
    👉 You’re account is expiring… NOPE!
    👉 Police coming for you? CALL THE POLICE!
    👉 Tax man suing you? NO THEY AREN’T!

    This and more on my LinkedIn Post Here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ronwcraig_cybersecurity-technology-education-activity-6607772513571348480-JFN9

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