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Ron Barksdale


Atlanta, GA

About Me

I want to start out by saying it is truly a privilege to be on this site with so many like-minded, “others-focused” individuals.

I am first and always thankful to God Almighty for saving me from myself, and blessing me far beyond what I deserve, every single day. I also want to thank @mikeoconnor / @spnlocal2017 for the relentless selflessness he demonstrates toward so many people, ALL the time. (When does the man sleep?)

Lastly, I am a 25+ year veteran of pharmaceutical sales and business development, and during that time I learned a thing or two about human nature, perseverance, integrity, customer-centricity and relationships, emotional intelligence, and strategic partnering. I am currently looking for my next outstanding opportunity. I would be so pleased to have a conversation with you about my experience, what I have learned, what you care about and invest your time and energy pursuing, and how I can help you.

It would be a privilege to get to know you better!

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