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A patient told me “Oh, you’re so lucky; you’re a nurse and working in a big hospital. I bet you have a lot of money saved up in the bank and you can buy whatever you want.” This simple words changed my outlook in life and what I want to achieve in the future.


Ever since that day, Ronald realized that having a good job does not equal good financial independence. He then started reaching out to financial companies whom he believed can help him plan out his own financial freedom. During this search, he found out that in order to receive good financial advice from these companies, certain fees must be paid beforehand. For someone seeking financial independence, having to pay fees to attain it did not sound like a good start.

The NOs that Ronald encountered when he reached out to financial companies solidified his aim for financial freedom even further. Instead of stopping and turning around, he pushed forward in finding the resources he needed and taught himself to be financially independent. He attended events and seminars and built partnerships with leading Finance Providers in the country. These partnerships taught Ronald about insurance, retirement and investment methods that had been the practice of many industries. He started to reach out to people who had the same concerns as he had in the beginning. Through his conversations with his clients, Ronald recognized that not a lot of people had the basic knowledge of finance, much more to their personal finance, and they, too, had plans that were not successful.

To furthermore help the economy. In 2017, he started Curious Finance originally to help business owners but during this time he realizes that to really help business owners he needs to start partnering with Tax professionals and Attorneys. Standing side by side with the Tax professionals and Attorneys to provide not only compliance works but more proactive business planning to cut taxes and reduce cost operation for their clients.

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