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Robert Bolohan







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I’m a multiple business owner with a passion for creativity and strong belief in sustainability.

My partner Mariona and I co-founded two unique agencies.

On one side:

Lotuly®️ a 100% remote (global team), environmental friendly (planting 1 tree for every 500 translated words) and disruptive translation & localisation agency focused on helping you expand globally.

We help create more caring relationships by enabling businesses and their customers to start meaningful conversations, with our human translation and localization services.

At Lotuly®️ we offer:

+90 languages
+1000 qualified language experts
+40 industries expertise

To our translators:

*flexibility to work from anywhere
*choose your own hours
*decide how much you want to be paid

We believe in 100% remote work! If you want to become part of our team or join us as a partner feel free to message me, it doesn’t matter where you are based as long as you are honest, have a creative mind and believe in sustainability.

For translation needs book time here:

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+44 7405528736


On the other side, my partner and I founded:


Are you looking to launch your new business or startup but don´t have a brand?

Is your brand boring or out of date and need a refresh?

Are you ashamed of sharing your website on social media or with your potential clients?

1. Complete this form:

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We focus on Branding (Logo Design & Brand Identity), Creative Copy writing (Storytelling), UI/UX Design & Development of mainly WordPress websites.

We help B2B, Hospitality and Healthcare as well as SaaS, eCommerce and Startups.

Landing page = 25 🌳 planted.
5 page Website = 100 🌳 planted.

We are a group of creative minds who joined forces to help you catapult your growth. From SEO copywriters, web designers and developers all the way to branding experts.

5 Page Website from £1,795
Landing page from £950

Our main goal is to get you the ROI you deserve and help your business thrive by building brands with purpose.

I strive to minimize expenses and in turn maximize profit.

1️⃣#research (your GOALS + write and optimise CONTENT (SEO & Storytelling) + target AUDIENCE.

2️⃣#design (UI/UX, smart, fresh and fast loading site focused on user eXperience)

3️⃣#development (clean code, no bugs)