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Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

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✅ AOTT Director ✅ Therapist, Coach & Trainer – Level Up with Renee McDonald ✅ Creative Ideas ✅ Life & Biz Re-designing & re-birthing: Therapeutic Coach ✅ Butterfly Courage® ✅ Heart & Soul Movement®

With Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT) Pty Ltd, I provide COUNSELLORS, PSYCHOLOGISTS, SOCIAL WORKERS, PSYCHIATRISTS, PSYCHOTHERAPISTS & COACHES, as well as relevant organisations and agencies, with my signature online training. AOTT has thorough training courses to help you move your practice or business online or deal with these transitional times.

✓ Wondering how to get started with your online therapy/ online coaching business? (Practitioners, coaches and human services professionals in the field) – I provide individual and group coaching, along with complete training courses, to upskill you to assist your businesses grow.
✓ I support people from the general public with counselling (couples, families, and individuals with their life issues) and coaching (I’m trained in life, executive coaching and business coaching as well).

For the last 18 years I have been providing counselling, psychotherapy and coaching for agencies, NGOs through my professional services –

I previously worked in the media and entertainment sectors before being a therapist / coach and this has given me unique insights. My courses in online therapy were the FIRST short courses available to individual practitioners by someone who had worked as an online therapist in AUSTRALIA.

I am a professional member of an international association, I have an internationally published textbook, I have provided training internationally and work with people across the world with my business, practice, coaching, training and services.

I have a love of helping people have a better life, be it through self-discovery in therapy, through creativity, spiritual practice or through educating themselves.

My work includes, though is not limited to:

✓ Providing a training program that has international accreditation with an international association,
✓ VERY unique training, creative and adaptable to the needs of the learner.
✓ Providing support with years and years of experience in my private practice where I see all manner of clients
✓Assisting therapists, coaches and organisations with their marketing approach and transitioning their business to work online

If you would like to discuss how I can help you, or your organisation, get in touch with me and Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT) Pty Ltd:

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