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Houston, Texas


Authentic Latina spreading kindness| |Healthcare Advocate for elderly| |DEI Leader| |Helping newbies navigate LinkedIn| |Personal brand specialist helping you bring out your true self using your innovative content|

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A first-generation Latina looking to make a positive change in the world. One voice at-a-time. One story at-a-time. One connection at-at-time. Based in Houston, Raquel has dedicated herself to healthcare advocacy and healthcare education for the last 12 years. Having a multi-lingual background, she has been able to expand her reach by educating different neighborhood groups around the Houston area. Through her efforts, many members of the communities who otherwise would go without proper health care have benefitted from her advocacy and receive health services. Her efforts have decreased the high percentage of members who go without basic health needs. She works directly with state, city, county, and other local officials to educate communities on important health topics. Raquel is also involved in active research in partnership with various entities such as her world-renowned alma mater Texas A&M University, BakerRipley, and the City of Houston. This active research aims to identify the external environmental factors which may cause physical stressors on the elderly when participating in physical activities within their communities. Based on the results of the research, enhancements will be made to improve the neighborhood surroundings to be more age-friendly. Raquel possesses excellent leadership skills and is looking forward to building a coachable team that will increase the reach potential thus expanding the efforts of her “Mission with a vision”. She looks forward to being able to contribute globally and spread her message of love and kindness to the world. Raquel has called Houston her home for the last 30 years, She is a sports enthusiast and labels herself “gung-ho” about all things “Aggies”. Avid salsa dancer. Foodie. Lives with her furbabies and children. Enjoys the beach and quality time exploring the city and seeking adventures. Raquel is currently working on publishing her book and looks forward to sharing her life journey through speaking engagements