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  • The #SPN site went from 1-3 people a day on it to 1-3 at a time all day every day.
    It’s been like that for a while. A few people on the site at a time. If too many people were on it then the site would slow down. 

    It started to really pick up over the last few months. Google stopped serving ads on our site, we are on watch/probation, because they think that we might be buying traffic or cheating in some way. 

    @warrenresearch with has been helping me fix things and the results speak for themselves. 
    We have anywhere from 99-200 people at a time on the site at any given minute. The SPN sites gets 20k visitors a day…from the United States alone. I think France averages about 13k a day and they’re not even in second. 
    I just want to say thanks to the many of you that pushed me into doing what I do. Thank you to those that encourage me to write and share my thoughts. I really can’t tell you all what you mean to me. The words escape me. 

    I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve learned a lot about myself, people, and life in general. The last few years feel like decades of growth. Thank you, all!

  • Someone had the nerve to get mad at me for telling jokes about stupid people.
    They’re were super mad when I asked them who explained the joke.

  • Remarkably, we are at the first point in human history where distance is completely irrelevant — so now you have the opportunity to create exciting “festivals” for your global audience. No travel required. Work outside your typical 10km bubble that most businesses work in. Work physically within the global confines of COVID, yet intellectually it is boundless.

  • A lot of wisdom and great tips in this […]

  • Here’s how to lean into digital and open up the opportunity – and get better results & thrive. 
    It all comes down to: 
    1. Clarity2. Certainty3. Competency
    Do you have all of these building blocks?

  • Does your legacy matter to you?Some people will remember you for the job you had.Some people will remember you for the car you drove.Some people will remember you for all sorts of things.However, everyone will remember how you made them feel.We are all we really have and we will always be #StrongerTogether.A job is just a job, but people are priceless.#kindnessmatters #letsgrowtogether #goldenrule

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    Do you know how to market & evolve during times of crisis and economic downturn?How do you Drive human engagement at digital scale?It’s time to stop investing in marketing that your prospects are trying to avoid and start creating the engaging experiences they want.It starts here.Tomorrow I’m holding my Digital Expedition Web Event, where I’ll be sharing the tools & strategies to shift and move forward when others are retreating and “waiting”.Everyone who registers will get a full copy of my Digital Expedition Planner cheat sheet, to help you map the journey ahead for your business, as well as an intro and exclusive look into The Digital Expedition Trainer.Do you have the strategies and tactics that give you distinct clarity amongst today’s uncertainty?Globally there is only a 25% penetration of businesses using digital effectively, yet there has been an astounding 5 years of growth in the last 3 months for businessesWill you be the one to leverage this?Watch the preview of what I’ll be talking about below on the event page, or register with the link in the comments.
    #DigitalStrategy #DigitalTransformation

  • Doyle Buehler posted an update 1 week ago

    How do you Drive human engagement at digital scale? Here’s a quick preview of my web event tomorrow – when you register, I’ve got a number of ‘digital expedition’ gifts that I’ll be giving away… make sure you take a look and register. 

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    ✅ It is that time of the year to start setting your 2021 Goals

    Read the article below to help you get started 👇

    #BusinessLinkedIn #GoalSetting #SMARTGOALS

  • 💥At @doylebuehler recommendation, I have posted my YouTube Channel  

    Post your YouTube Channel and I will subscribe!  

    Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well 😀👍

  • I don’t wear labels that other people give me. You shouldn’t either. 
    As a baby, I had water on my brain. They told my parents there would be brain damage. 
    As a toddler, I drooled A LOT and they dicovered that I had a “fat tongue.”

    In grade school, I was very hyper and had a significant speech impediment. They gave me a speech therapist and told my parents and I that I may be “retarded.” 
    One of my 5th grade teachers told my parents that I may never have a “real job.” 

    In my adult life, I visited and spoke with many different therapists. Learning about yourself and talking to trained professionals when you need to is never a bad idea. 
    I have been told that I have PTSD, manic bi-polar depression, and anxiety, which makes me an elite sleeper for weeks at a time. 
    I have taken more test than the average person. I have ranged from elite genius to below average, depending on the day and the test. One therapist fired me as a client because he wanted to follow me on LinkedIn. 
    I take all of this with a huge grain of salt. I take almost everything in life with a grain of salt. 
    The only thing that I really take seriously is the Golden Rule and my own personal code of conduct. 
    Whoever you are, whatever they told you about you, take it with a grain of salt.

    We all have our good days and bad days. We have our strengths and our weaknesses.

    We also have each other. 
    Let’s make the most of the last part. #strongertogether #KindnessMatters #BeConfident #OneLife #LiveIt #grow #BeHappy #BeHappy #positivevibesonly
    #letsgrowtogether #ifollowback 

  • Have a great weekend!

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  • Would love to see everyone’s youtube channel – please post and I’ll subscribe! Here’s mine, if you wouldn’t mind giving it a ‘subscribe’ as well

  • ✨In this interview, Randy McNeely of the PEPOK Institute interviewed serial entrepreneur Craig Wasilchak B2B LinkedIn Trainer on his stories of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and grow 11 businesses.  

    Sharing successful strategies that helped this entrepreneur learn how to grow businesses to fully run on their own is a major part of the discussion.  They discuss how can you grow your business to 1 million dollars in annual sales and then how to push it up over the next roadblock and achieve well over $5 million in annual sales.  

  • 😏Gary Vee once said, “If you are not aware of your own death, how can you possibly attempt to live❓”

    Currently, hundreds of thousands of businesses are not aware of their own death. They’re bleeding money due to their leadership’s indecisiveness. They are quickly becoming insolvent. I am writing to you, the reader, so that if you’re able to relate, you better wake up.

    Let me help you wake up and UN-FUNK your business with the three tips below👇

    “Click” on the image to learn more 

  • In an instant gratification world that is full of participation trophies, you must be prepared to fail if you want to succeed.
    You don’t want to worry about what other people are doing. Hear the advice and the criticism of others, but listen to your own inner voice.Some people will tell you that you’re sure to fail and others will be sure you can’t fail. The reality is things happen on the path to success that change you. Embrace those changes and grow with them.
    If you strive hard enough to be the best you possible, there really is no failing. Life is about growing as person and helping others grow. If you’re passionate about something, then you’ll find a way.It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but you will find a way. The trick to being successful is having confidence, following your core values, giving yourself some grace, and being persistent.
    Remember, it’s hard as hell to beat someone that refuses to quit. Fill your cup.#entrepreneur #networking #lawofattraction #SPN #letsgrowtogether

  • 😏 It is as easy as  1.  2.  3.  to post a LinkedIn Backlink to SPN

    🛑 No More LinkedIn Blue Screens of Death 🛑

    ✨Reach out to me if you need some help figuring it out.

    👉We ALL Rise❗

  • Are you ready to be left behind? 
    Didn’t think so… but what are you doing about it?
    This week I’m holding my Digital Expedition Web Event, where I’ll be showing the tools & strategies to PIVOT and move forward when others are retreating and “waiting”.
    Everyone who registers will get a full copy of my Digital Expedition Planner Worksheet, to help you map the journey ahead for your business, as well as an intro and exclusive look into The Digital Expedition Trainer.

  • Every second of every day, we get to make a choice between choosing positivity and negativity. 

    We also get to choose living the truth and adding to the BS in the world. The truth may suck at times, but those times are always temporary. 

    Bad things happen and we often make them worse by ruminating on them. Don’t do that. Every moment you have as a healthy living being is a blessing. Enjoy it!

    #Happiness #LawofAttraction #lifelessons #motivational #entrepreneurship #growthmindset #positivevibes #gratitudeattitude #BeHappy

  • “Tough” people don’t put people down, they pick them up and defend them. 
    Truly “successful” people don’t mock other people’s struggles, they help. 
    A real “leader” doesn’t go with the crowd if the crowd is wrong. 
    A truly successful leader can be tough, but never destructive. Leaders that put people first, stand tall in the face of adversity, and follow the golden rule are ones that I’d gladly follow. 
    Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe. 

    Have an awesome weekend! 

     #networking #business #socialmedia #SPN #LawOfAttraction #ExitYourWay

  • Wanted to let you see the type of Emergency Response work Protect Environmental Service Inc. performs.  

    🔥Called out in the middle of the night to evaluate the hazardous situation that came from this plastic factory🔥

    First Responders 🙏 in North Central Texas – Dallas Fort Worth 👍

  • This coming week I’m holding my Digital Expedition Web Event, where I’ll be showing the tools & strategies to PIVOT and move forward when others are retreating. 

    Here’s how to Plan Your Digital Expedition. And more importantly, here’s how to market & evolve during times of crisis and economic downturn.

    Take a look and book your seat. 

    Everyone who registers will get a full copy of my Digital Expedition Planner Worksheet, to help you map the journey ahead for your business. 

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    I could use a beach and a pina coloda. 

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    Shawn absolutely slays this.

  • My business revolves around books. I can get rather passionate about them. I’ve recently created a newsletter that shares my passion with like-minded people. I’m inviting you and anyone you know to sign-up and share in the joy of books with me. 

  • Some great things to keep in mind as […]

  • COVID-19 has accelerated the importance of the remarkable digital experience worth remembering. The reality is that businesses are in fact failing that do not realize the importance of this critical element — this keystone of immense magnitude — the keystone that can create thriving businesses or only businesses that just survive. Or not, as it seems as it is a very conscious choice as to what to do next.

  • What a great and helpful article, […]

  • There is a time in everyone’s life […]

  • In my training days, every so often, […]

  • I’ve been promising this book review […]

  • The world is a rough place and in many ways it is a dog eat dog world. You don’t have to add to that. 

    Many of us have to do things to pay our bills and take care of our families that require us to put on a brave face, turn a cheek, or perhaps take a little flack from someone without setting them straight. 

    It’s easy to let those compromises we make push our boundaries back. 
    It’s easy to let other people’s criticisms affect our own self-worth. 
    It’s crucial to our well-being to protect our boundaries and self-worth. 
    It’s also vital that we pick each other up whenever we can. 

    You never know what someone is dealing with.

    All of us, set examples for other people to #follow. 

    Make sure to strive to set the best examples you possibly can.

    If you think about how you affect others and really strive to help them grow, you will see how your #positivevibes #motivate them to be #successful in all aspects of their lives. 

    If you truly practice #Mindfulness, you will always find ways to #grow as a person.

    Become the person that you want to follow and all keys to all the kingdoms will open up before you. 
    #motivational #positivevibesonly #SPN #growthmindset #GoldenRule #SelfCare #positivemindset #lifelessons #selfworth
    #followback #follow4followback #fff #lawofattraction #letsgrowtogether #socialmedia #networking #positivity

  • Never be afraid to ask hard questions.

    Learning a bitter truth is better than living a blissful lie. 
    Always dig for the truth and don’t shy away from opportunity.

    You will either grow or learn. 

    What do you think? 

    #positivemindset #growthmindset #itwillbeokay #LawOfAttraction #GiveMeTruth #honesty #truth #thetruthwillsetyoufree #learn #grow
    #follow #followback #networking #socialmedia #SPN

  • Top Digital Business Trends in 2021 You Need To Know To Surviving The Disruptive digital economy
    These are the Top 4 Emerging Digital Business Trends for 2021 beyond tech to Watch Closely, as they push everything forward.

  • How do leading companies grow THRIVING businesses with digital marketing? 
    Discover how to:
    Optimise your sales funnel
    Improve website performance and capabilities 
    Nurture leads with content 
    Automated marketing systems
    Run profitable campaigns

  • 🏆🏆🏆Kindness is worth spreading…

    🙏Honored to be mentioned in the post by Randy McNeely

    👉 If you are not connected with Randy, reach out to him and connect on LinkedIn.

    Click on the image below👇 to watch the short video clip.

  • Did you know that there are two major types of trends for businesses to know and be aware of in navigating this disruptive digital economy?The first one is the #techtrends that really are like a laundry list of the latest and greatest technology that you ‘must have’ in order to “be amazing” with your business… “Look at how cool this tech is!!!” kinda stuff.But does it actually help your business?It is a great cure for shiny object syndrome, at least until the next hit, and the “greatest tech trends of the century” come out next week… :)It hits us right in the amygdala, so we all rush out to buy it. Yet, it’s not going to save your business or make it better.The second type of trends are more about the cultural and behaviorial types of changes that we see in our customers and audience, in their buying behaviours, the way they interact with you and others. Imagine it like a glacier that slowly but surely forms and moves and stirs things along it’s pathway…Take a look – see which ones will affect you directly, and the difference between a foundational change, and just putting in a new tool…#DigitalStrategy

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